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168飞艇官网计划免费下载 Pillow Pets are washer safe and super easy to clean. Just pop them in the washing machine, and they will be as good as new.


Super soft fabric

Holds up to wear and tear

Machine washable

A young boy lying on the brown Sunny Sloth Pillow Pet

Our Story

It's not one of those regular pillows, it's a Pillow Pet! Our mission at Pillow Pets is to bring endless smiles to children everywhere. Made of high quality, super soft plush, Pillow Pets are the most precious snuggle pals for you or your loved ones.

Pillow Pets! “It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet, It’s a Pillow Pet!” This video asks a group of kids several questions about Pillow Pets. First question: Why is everyone raving about Pillow Pets? First kid’s response: “So a Pillow Pet is almost like a pet, except you can also use it as a pillow.” Second kid’s response: “It’s not one of those regular pillows. It's a Pillow Pet! It has silky soft plush fabric.” Third kid’s response: “They’re soft, portable, cleanable! They keep memories, not stains! So if I got a stain on it, just pop it in the washing machine, and then boom it’s ready.” Fourth kid’s response: “I would be able to just fold it up and store it really easily in, like, my backpack or my suitcase.” Fifth kid’s response: Actually, Pierce can’t respond. Pierce is currently snoozing on a Pillow Pet and has decided to answer our questions at a later time. Second question: How do Pillow Pets help you sleep? First kid’s response: “It’s very cozy, so it just reminds me of home.” Second kid’s response: “I always snuggle with her because I’m always so scared of the dark, so I’m always like...” and the little girl gives the Pillow Pet a huge hug.” Third kid’s response: “Nobody likes sleeping, but this just makes me want to sleep.” Fourth kid’s response: “Whenever I want to go on a car trip, I always ask if I can bring my unicorn because she’s so fluffy, and I can always nap on her whenever I want.” Fifth kid’s response: “It’s not a parent pillow, ok? So don’t let your parents use it. It’s for you! It’s a Pillow Pet! Not for the pets, either. Just saying. So I love my Pillow Pet.” The video continues to show kids hugging and dancing with their Pillow Pets, until the last frame of the video which shows Pierce, who is still sleeping soundly on his Jumbo Eeyore Pillow Pet. We hear his mother’s voice off-camera say “Pierce wake up! Pierce! Well, I guess it speaks for itself.” Video ends.

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"My grandson loved it. He is afraid of the dark so 新版官方开奖网站下载 it is now his sleeping companion."