Multi Academy Trust: Building World-Class Learning Organisations & MAT .

The Holy Family Catholic Multi-Academy Trust (HFCMAT) manages six schools in the north west of the UK. They wanted to create a learning environment that was world-class.

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To create alignment and autonomy across the MAT as it grows


HFCMAT wanted to secure equal standards of achievement for all students in each school within the trust. A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) consists of several schools governed by a single trust. Each school operates with a degree of autonomy, but they are all under the oversight and governance of the central trust.

It can be challenging to develop a culture that works across multiple sites, because the heritage, history and personality of each school will vary. Successfully building and managing a MAT is complex, it needs a careful balance to engage employees, shape culture and inspire transformation.

The MAT leadership at HFCMAT wanted to ensure that all students had equal access to the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. Each school needed to become a world-class learning organisation while maintaining free expression of character. To achieve this, HFCMAT sought the support of SYCOL to build a MAT-wide model that would shape culture and develop leaders.

An improvement framework to span across multiple sites


Experts from the SYCOL team, trained key people within the MAT to become trainers themselves – the ‘drive team’. This approach built capacity and inspired teams in each school to improve performance within their environment and work collaboratively across the MAT. 

The drive teams also act and operate together as a unified team across the MAT, building capacity and leadership succession. The model secures consistency of high performance and shape culture across the MAT.

Quality education across all academies


HFCMAT now offers a high-quality education rooted in faith and values across every school. The vision of forming, inspiring, and transforming the lives of their students has been realised, and they now operate a world-class learning organisation.

They are also now an appealing and attractive place for new schools that may join them in the future. The SYCOL model has installed an approach that will continue to build improvement long into the future.

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