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Change management is a process to support your organisation as it moves from one position to another. You might be thinking about it because you’re physically restructuring people or teams, but it’s also a huge factor in cultural change. The Sycol approach includes a strong element of change management because it’s key in embedding new culture. We believe that culture drives everything and has a direct impact on all the strategies and decisions you make. Maintaining a great culture within your organisation is a collaborative effort that requires proactive focus and everyone’s involvement.

Our improvement programme combines leadership development with other areas of organisation improvement such as: managing change, engaging employees, inspiring transformation, improving performance and shaping culture. When you put all this together, you’ll see improved wellbeing and a healthier more productive organisation. It’s not just about rebooting the people in charge; it’s about unlocking leadership qualities across the entire workforce, imbedding ownership, trust and the freedom to exceed expectations in everyone.

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"We consulted SYCOL to help us manage difficult business change. Within a short timeframe SYCOL understood the key issues and were able to offer balanced advice and guidance, whilst working with us to assess potential risks and pitfalls. Having followed SYCOL's guidance we have made significant change and have been able to utilise their approach in embedding these changes. I highly recommend SYCOL and would certainly consult with them again in the future."

Dean Marsh - Director